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WoW Noob Challenge #3 “Start Runnin’ Back…”

It was brought to my attention in the WoW noob challenge that I was playing a character on a server where I have established 90s on both factions. Whether I play Alliance or Horde, I’d be very tempted to send myself gold or gear to help the process along. Sad, but true. I had to resist temptation multiple times. 

So, I decided to take it to heart and re-roll on a server where I had no one. It worked out because I’m on the search for a good Horde community on a PVE server. 

I’ve picked the server Arathor and I have brought along “Treblesicle” the Undead Hunter. 

Boy, I hope none of those dead spiders are related to Carlotta. She seemed to be OK after the trek into the spider cave. 

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