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overthrowtheboogeoisie asked:

"Kill it with fire" is an incredibly douchy thing to say about someone's pet, FYI.

If that was your tarantula in the photo, I’m very sorry that I made you upset. It was meant in jest. That reaction to a spider came from a couple of subreddits I’m on. Anytime a spider shows up, people start yelling that.  

Then again, some people think my rats are terrible and scary too. So sorry again I made you feel upset! 

On Asks re: Feminism and Social Justice

Hey followers and other people. Not too long ago I offered some advice to a more popular “feminism” blogger when she had an anon ask a question. My advice was offered as a parent since it was a situation that involved (what seemed to be) younger siblings. Since then, I’ve gotten some asks in my inbox. I’d love to answer them but, I’d like to make a few things very clear. 

1. I will not turn on anon asks. I don’t have time to answer trolls. If you can’t come at me showing your Tumblr, then you don’t need to. 

2. I am a staunch supporter of equality. This includes rights for both men and women. 

3. I am very much against the 3rd wave of feminism. I find it to be a movement of bullies and contradictions. I can’t and won’t validate agendas from the modern feminism movement.

4. I am very much for empowering young women and men

5. I’m a parent. I’ll come at you like one. Don’t get upset if I tell you something like “Well, you’re 15/16 and this is why your parents/siblings might be doing this.” You are young and you’re still learning about the world and finding yourself. Getting a little guidance along the way is OK. Feeling upset is OK. Not understanding things is also OK. But, don’t get angry with someone if they give you advice and it’s not what you wanted to hear. 

6. Yes, you can ask me about DIY and rats and all sorts of other stuff. I do that too. I do that a lot :) 

7. I’m not here to argue with you. If you have an agenda, someone on Tumblr isn’t going to change your mind. Experience will. 

milwaukeebelow asked:

Hi! I saw your ask about Annie on effyeahpetrats, and I wanted to let you know that this is almost certainly an aging thing. There's a good chance that her eyesight (and possibly sense of smell) is decreasing. She is probably grabbing fingers and hands thinking they might be a treat (especially likely if you have touched food before you get near her). It's hard to make this stop, but you can try moving slowly around her and keeping your fingers away from her nose to cut down on rattie mistakes.

Hey there! Thanks! I figured it was an aging thing. Poor baby. She’s pushing 3 years old now. She got me pretty good last night and drew some blood haha. But as soon as she realized it was me, she backed away and jumped on my hand being all sorry. :( So I was wanting to get feelers out and make sure we didn’t need to get her to the vet. 

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