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Please help!!!
We at my pet store just had someone drop off 10 baby boy ratties. They’re all super social and total loves. My manager just put them on the sales floor for snake food, though. And I am livid. I am contacting a bunch of rat rescues and rat blogs to try and get these sweeties adopted, and will try and see if I can’t foster them in the meantime.

PLEASE, if you are in the New England area, Western Massachusetts area, in the USA, and want boy rats, LET ME KNOW.


arachnafeminist asked:

"Kill it with fire" is an incredibly douchy thing to say about someone's pet, FYI.

If that was your tarantula in the photo, I’m very sorry that I made you upset. It was meant in jest. That reaction to a spider came from a couple of subreddits I’m on. Anytime a spider shows up, people start yelling that.  

Then again, some people think my rats are terrible and scary too. So sorry again I made you feel upset! 

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